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Creating shape solutions!

HEY, VIVA! We're building a shape-positive company! We are constantly finding solutions to a better community that triggers innovation in shaping products, from instant shaping solutions to products that will help you in your shaping journey—helping you redefine your body. Meanwhile, you can focus on redefining the world.

Our shape enthusiasts!

Designers, specialists, and innovators are out. Enthusiasts are in, and we are all in. Our focus is on re-iterating products and communities that are shape-relevant and non-bias. At the tip of the iceberg, our instant boosting solution took us two years to identify, create,and innovate upon a pair of confident boosting leggings that looks and feels comfortable.

Our geeky side!

You deserve to feel good the way you want to; that's why we started this company. We've spent years working on the geeky sides to shapes to understand how we can make you feel better about yourself! Our SHAPE LAB focuses on cutting-edge technologies like 3D sculpting, sonar cutting, bonding technologies, and material sciences so you can focus on being your best self!

Our social commitments

HEY VIVA! feel exceptional while looking great. That’s because we are committed to our social responsibilities.

Our commitment to living wages

All our factories are subjected to a pledge that ensures their workers are paid a living wage (as defined by the GLWC). But we took it a step further, our living wage agreements not only uses the manufacturing country’s highest living wages standard (by state) it also extends to all secondary manufacturers. So we are very much committed to the well-being of our community, even the ones behind the scene.

Our commitment to the environment

Our materials supplier are all certified by the standard 100 by OEKO-TEX which ensures that no harmful substances are released or remains throughout the production and wear of our products.

 You’ll also be pleased to know that our garment manufacturing sites are all in compliance with the global recycle standard, in summary, it means that we know most of our trimmings and manufacturing waste are recycled and all of which are accountable for.