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ButtLifter is a new Composite Foam developed by Heyviva, which made up by Memory Foam and Rebond Foam, that make ButtLifter conforms to your body shape perfectly. it not only has high elasticity,  but also can maintain non-deformation for a long-time. 


If you are looking for a activewear that is stylish and functional at the same time, you could start with the design concept of Heyviva.

Our designers from Italia are committed to finding the balance between comfort and functionality in activewear, try to created the first sculpt activewear in the world, a truly effective butt-lifting leggings, different from the traditional ineffective styles of the market.

Based on this vision, we created Heyviva new sports brand, with the slogan "Interpreting sports aesthetics", breaking the confinement of clothing design to make new attempts.


From natural latex rubber to Compositefoam, right up to BounceMax designed somaesthetics, design one isn't simply a matter of material, it requires the use of one’s feeling of beauty.

However, everyone has personal preferences, We did a lot of testing on our volunteer from all sectors, like yoga trainer, white collar, housewife and so on, we got their feed-back, and every details are scrutinised.

Finally, we made BounceMax-The most comfortable, breathable, and Instant Shaping hip pad in the world. 


Cutting BounceMax shows how sustainable and efficient results are when precision meets technology. Man and machine, instinctive feeling and high-tech all come together when we cut our foam.

 We found that make simple circular shape for the hip pad cannot meet the needs of customers, so we keep changing the mold shape,fine to every millimeter, to make sure BounceMax can perfectly natural on the woman butt. So the BounceMax is perfectly prepared for the next stage: sewing.


Anyone working on a cover in the sewing room needs to have an eye for detail but also for the bigger picture. We must make sure when the hip pad is sewn together with the leggings, it must be completely fitted, in this way you can't feel foreign objects when you wear the legging, so sewing needs to be well planned.

The sewers devote all their dedication and passion for their job to this leggings. You will feel this love when you put on it.

Collide Design&Tech

At the beginning of Heyviva's birth, it was an insight into the physical and mental pressure brought by women's different roles in society, work, and family life, and the psychological anxiety caused by the changes in body shape. As a brand that creates value for consumers based on the core of technology.