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Beauty Stripe Fabric

Give everyone the best experience in yoga activewear, Heyviva never stops exploring.

What is Beauty Stripe Fabric

Beauty Fabric is a new synthetic functional fabric developed by Heyviva and made up by 28% Lycar and  72% Nylon. And the surface is designed with stripes, as good as traditional activewear Fabric was, Beauty has better stretch. 

To achieve body freedom, Heyviva listens to trusted Designers and Fabricists from around the world, We then design and test our products to solve body shame in dailylife

How does primeFlex can keep comfortable while being stretch?

Classic activewear Fabritwist fibers together for strength, which leaves ends poking out that can cause irritation.PrimeFlextakes the twist out, and instead, lays fibers along the same orientation, so fabrics feel less prickly and more comfortable.

What is Lycra ® Fiber?

Lycra is Lightweight and nearly invisible, and which can greatly improve the elasticity and extensibility of the fabric. The good recovery of Lycra after stretching is the biggest advantage, so the Yoga leggings that add Lycra can move with our bodies, delivering fit, shape and comfort that lasts.

What is Nylon Fabric?

Nylon is a synthetic man-made fibre derived from petrochemicals, which is one of the polymers most commonly used in modern times.

Nylon is a very useful fibre for many applications. The fabric began to replace silk soon after his invention as an ingredient in parachutes and vehicle tires. Particularly due to its costs.

Nylon is lightweight, strong, and dries quickly, which is why it’s commonly used for our leggings. in this way