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In 2024, the best compression leggings for buttock hollows and cellulite, both comfortable and stylish - they even come with a padded bottom!

My before and after comparison. A shortcut to perfect thighs.



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Some mornings, we crawl out of bed, quickly scan the wardrobe, and then sigh. Must we really put on stiff, structured clothes to go to work? As a woman with an H-shaped figure and flat buttocks, I often wish I could dress comfortably—perhaps in miraculous butt-lifting pants. Well, ladies, congratulations, because I think I've found the perfect pair of leggings that not only enhance the buttocks but also offer unparalleled comfort and durability.

 I've always been concerned about cellulite on my thighs and have tried countless compression leggings. I can confidently say that Heyviva's medium support high-waisted leggings are the ultimate solution for immediately lifting the buttock line and eliminating cellulite. Why? The secret lies in their groundbreaking buttock support and split buttock design. Heyviva employs contouring technology to lift and tighten fat.

  From the outside, you can see that we've embedded a thin, soft pad in the buttock area, designed ergonomically to provide additional support and comfort. This unique design acts like a supporting hand, protecting the buttocks during exercise while lifting and shaping them. The fabric's 3D printed sculpting lines form a mesh-like structure at the thickest part of the thighs, effectively smoothing out fat deposits. If you want instant access to tight, round, and even buttock curves, Heyviva's leggings are your shortcut!


After wearing them for a few months, I noticed a significant improvement in my stubborn sagging buttocks. These leggings help improve the problem of sagging buttocks and tighten my inner thighs, all supported by scientific research.

  I absolutely hate those compression leggings that feel stiff and suffocate me. However, the medium support high-waisted leggings are super comfortable, feeling like a second layer of skin. Plus, they can tighten the tummy, improve posture, and give you an elegant posture! So why not give them a try?

  I'm Emily, a neonatal nurse. Just two weeks ago, I welcomed the most precious baby into my life. As a busy mom, I pay special attention to wearing comfortable clothes. That day, I tried on Heyviva's leggings and was pleasantly surprised. They are better than any brand I've ever worn, even better than Lululemon, Athleta, and Nike. These medium support high-waisted leggings are incredibly comfortable, fitting snugly against my body, and they're also very durable. Even more astonishing is that even though I just gave birth, I felt like I was back to my pre-pregnancy state after putting on these leggings. And, after washing, they still maintain their perfect condition. I really feel very satisfied.


Heyviva not only provides high-quality leggings for your health but also their Support High Waist Leggings come with targeted compression features. Not only can they enhance your appearance, but they also provide pressure to your calves during daily rest. According to another Heyviva customer suffering from varicose veins, "The compression effect is very good and helps alleviate the pain caused by muscle cramps."

 If you're tired of struggling with varicose veins and sagging buttocks and are looking for practical leggings that can last for at least two years, I highly recommend you try the Support High Waist Leggings. Purchase now to enjoy free worldwide shipping and a 30-day free trial. Now is the best time to try it out. I believe you won't regret it - these leggings will change your health!


Why is heyviva the best choice?

No-roll design: Our leggings are crafted with advanced design and materials to ensure no rolling during wear, allowing consumers to stay confident and comfortable during activities.

Squat-proof functionality: Specially designed squat-proof features ensure that these leggings provide optimal support and comfort during both exercise and everyday wear, allowing consumers to feel at ease and confident in any situation.

Butt-lifting design: Our leggings feature a butt-lifting design that effectively enhances the curves of the buttocks, creating captivating contours and exuding confidence and charm when worn.

Seamless, high-waisted design: The seamless and high-waisted design not only makes wearing more comfortable but also avoids panty lines, sculpting the perfect waistline and providing consumers with the best wearing experience.

Enhanced compression and support: Our leggings have enhanced compression and support, effectively shaping the body, improving athletic performance, and reducing muscle fatigue, allowing consumers to experience better results during exercise.

Opaque, elastic: Made from opaque, elastic fabrics, ensuring consumers do not expose unnecessary details when worn, while also providing sufficient flexibility and comfort.

Super soft breathable fabric, moisture-wicking technology: Our leggings are made from super soft breathable fabric and equipped with moisture-wicking technology to effectively keep the skin dry and comfortable, allowing consumers to experience a more relaxed wearing experience during exercise.


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