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So what exactly can Heyviva bring to you?

Experience The Difference

  • Built in booty pads to provide instant booty care
  • Ergonomic pad designed to contour for a realistic curve
  • Innovative fit technology locking and smoothing out the lumpy fat
  • Hyper-stretch waistband design to comfortably keep your pants in place
  • Lifting fabric knitted to uplift your shape

Tested approved by different shapes

After extensive research on over dozens of different butt shapes, we have developed the perfect solution that guarantees instant results. Tested approved by women with different shapes all around the world. Say goodbye to flat or saggy butt and hello to the hourglass body!
Don’t wait any longer to sculpt your body. Try our ergonomic pads shape leggings now and see the difference for yourself!

2. Protect Your butt from flatness and sagging

For sedentary ladies, ergonomic butt pads can relieve the pressure and friction of the ischial tubercle on the butt surface skin, relieve local ischemia and promote blood circulation. Can effectively prevent hip flatness and sagging

3. Hide Cellulite

Ergonomic butt pads、innovative fabric and fit technology can not only created to hide cellulite all the way down the leg but also butt. Premium hides cellulite innovation for better look and performance.

4. 4-way Stretch

Through processes and technologies such as waist, hip, leg, and girdle sealing, it can not only compress the abdomen and lift the buttocks, but also hide cellulite. Let you have a better body shape anytime and anywhere

Non-see-through and squat proof

No Roll Down

No Cameltoe

Discover Your Ideal Style

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