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We have found through extensive user research that the vast majority of users face several problems when wearing leggings:
 Waistband often slips and rolls up
 Tummy bulge can't be wrapped
 Doesn't fit at the waist
 Easy to see through and not breathable
 Long wearing time, easily deformed
The most common troubles with waistband slippage and rolled hems are due to the fact that ordinary leggings do not utilize a targeted non-slip process at the waistband and the abdominal flab is forcibly squeezed with no room to support it, resulting in easy slippage and rolled hems during activities.
With a focus on women's health, Peachista is committed to creating leggings that fit all body types and making sure they improve and address common troubles in the abdomen, waist, and legs. To that end, we've upgraded our previous #1 selling Never Falling Leggings!
Peachista Never Falling Leggings 2.0, with the latest development: Three-Section Force Distribution
  • First layer:Four layers of fabric anti-slip. Good press-glued layer treatment allows the waist head to attach to the waist, solving the problem of slippage and rolled edges.
  • The second layer:Lumbar support area. Fits like a second skin, improves back pain and slims the waistline.
  • Third layer:Abdominal support zone. Smoothes out excess flab and gives space, supports abdominal cellulite and improves intertrigo skin problems.
What can Never Falling Leggings 2.0 do for me for a change?
  • No more pulling on the waistband, no fear of slippage and rolled edges.
  • Abdominal flab is smoothed and supported, improving skin problems.
  • The back waist is fitted and supported, and the soreness of the waist is solved.
  • Matte fabric, extremely breathable, goodbye to see-through.
  • High durability, can be worn for at least 2 years.
  • Enhance your whole body line, confidence with you.
Never Falling Leggings 2.0 
We started a co-creation program with our users and always listen to their opinions. And in this Never Falling Leggings 2.0 upgrade model, we have introduced more colors to make it easier for you to match your outfit. It's better to wear with sports, so try it out!
Free sports top with orders over $120
 Never Falling Leggings 1.0 
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